Group activités at the Château de Brézé


An unforgettable visit, tailor-made Group prices and workshops are available for groups of 20 or more.

Catering and meals available from 25 people onwards.

For all booking enquiries, please contact our reservations office (contact details in "Useful information" page).

Travel agency and professional conditions available upon demand.

One Castle arising from another


The universe of the Lords of Brézé

Nearly twelve centuries of history layered one atop another have made Brézé one of the most remarkable sites of the Loire Valley. Guided or free tours throughout this unique domain allow visitors to experience the mysteries of the stronghold of the Lords of Brézé. Discover the elegantly furnished renaissance/ neo-gothic château, housing the collection of the Grand Masters of Ceremony to the Kings of France; the deepest dry moats in Europe; the enigmatic underground fortress of the original lords of Brézé and the domain's incredible defensive system remodelled in the 17 th century, as well as the subterrannean system of dwellings converted to accomodate the famous wines of Brézé.

Prices :

Free tour: 9 € adult, 5 € Child

Guided tour : 10 € adult, 5 € Child.

The Angevin pétanque


Boule de Fort

One of the traditional passtimes of the Anjou region : the Boule de Fort. Precursor of the game "Pétanque", "Boule de Fort" is practiced by groups called "sociéties" - keeping alive a tradition spanning centuries. Explanation and demonstration of the techniques of this curious sport are offered by members of the "Society Renaissance".

Option "Boule de Forte" 3.5 €

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